The Maker’s Child Playground will be a premiere all inclusive playground built in Albertville AL.  It will be located directly across from the Albertville Public Library on the property of Albertville First Baptist Church.  The TMC playground will be open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset.  Included on the site will be two large accessible restrooms and a pavilion with picnic tables.  The playground itself will be 10,350 square feet of an artificial turf surface that is completely fenced and exceeds ADA requirements.
Featured equipment accessible for all kids:
  • Swings
  • Zip line
  • Ten Spin
  • Inclusive Whirl (accessible merry go round)
  • Buddy Rocker
  • Glide Along
  • Momentum Corridor
  • Large roller slide
 Numerus sensory panels

The 3 closest inclusive playgrounds that compare in size to the TMC playground and feature equipment for all disabilities are as follows:
  • Cove Universal Playground in Owens Crossroads, AL (50 min drive)
  • Town Creek Inclusive Playground in Auburn, AL (2+ hour drive)
  • Mason’s Place Inclusive Playground in Tuscaloosa, AL (2+ hour drive)
Playgrounds are required to be ADA compliant but there is a big difference between ADA compliant and truly inclusive.  ADA compliant mainly applies to the slopes of the grade, size of doorways, handrails and so on.  This doesn’t necessarily mean kids with disabilities will have equipment they can play on.
The surface will be 10,350 SQFT of synthetic turf.  There are protective areas around the pieces of equipment that are padded and have a fall rating of 8ft.
Yes, two 30-foot shades will be covering the main play structure along with a covered 20-foot pavilion with plenty of picnic tables.
Yes, Parents who are wheelchair bound can follow their children anywhere on the TMC playground.  The ramps on the main play structure are oversized.  This allows easy access for adults with disabilities.
Yes, The TMC playground is for everyone!!
Yes, there will be benches in various places on the playground along with picnic tables under the pavilion.
Yes, there will be two fully accessible restrooms with large changing tables located in the pavilion next to the playground.
The playground will be completely fenced in to keep kids from running out of the area.  There will also be security cameras recording 24/7.
Yes, there are numerus benefits to having a place to play. Some benefits include increased self-esteem, improvements in mental health and overall well-being, physical activity of any kind is very important in health and wellness. Inclusive playgrounds are often used by therapists to help children reach occupational therapy and physical therapy goals.